About us

Our Products

Our line of fitnesswear stands apart from the rest because of the soft material and colorful patterns.  Each article of clothing is handmade so each piece is a work of art. The Brazilian flag adorns our clothing as a symbol of where our clothes come from. The flag of Brazil symbolizes both a vibrant and colorful  country, and just like the flag, our products also represent these same qualities. Our energetic team loves creating a clothing line that brings comfort, durability and pizzazz to your everyday life.

At Fancy Pants Fitnesswear, we believe in investing in the local Brazilian community and we contract specifically with women-owned businesses for design, assembly and distribution. As a women-owned company we support and encourage other women in the workplace.


Who We Are

Co-Founders Daniella and Francy began Fancy Pants Fitnesswear in 2015 in South Florida.

Francy knew she found something special when she came across the fabric for Fancy Pants Fitnesswear.  After wearing the pants during a workout, Francy was pleased with their performance and their look.  Francy comes from Brazil, and her upbeat spirit is contagious and blends perfectly with our products.  Francy is a mom and fitness enthusiast who also enjoys cooking in her free time.

Daniella is a competitive runner and triathlete as well as a fitness instructor and Yoga teacher. Daniella received a pair of pants as a gift from her student, Francy.  After working out in them and receiving many compliments, Daniella and Francy knew they were onto something special, and thus they began their journey of Fancy Pants Fitnesswear. Daniella and Francy are confident that you too will enjoy this wonderful and fun product as much as they do!

Here's to training in style and in comfort!