About us



My name is Francy Santoro, owner of Fancy Pants Fitness Wear.
It is with great pleasure that I tell you how my company started. I had health problems after 3 surgeries and I thought that I would have to stop doing everything that I loved in order to do physical therapy. I began to recover day by day after that thought.
I had always loved to use the Lycra fabric in Brazil for exercise, and people always stopped to ask me about the materials I used.
As time went by, I was finally recovering well. Feeling well enough, I started going back out to parties and at one of them, I met a woman who I would call my friend even until this very day. She sold the Lycra fabric, but was only able to do it locally in Brazil. We began working together, when we opened our first business together, Unique Company USA. Unfortunately, we were soon forced to close this company as the political situation in the country got worse.
We were tremendously sad about the outcome of our business, but I still thought it would be possible to continue making clothing if I returned to Brazil to look for others who could help build the business.
It was then that I went to Brazil and met a lady who needed work to help provide for her family and take care of her home. She was too old to work as she was already over 50, and in Brazil, it is quite typical for individuals of that age to already be retired, and it is not common to find many businesses who will employ older people. In addition, I also met a personal trainer who was interested in opening the business with me, but she soon left to travel with her fiancé, leaving her unable to continue working alongside me.
Today, I have had Fancy Pants Fitness Wear for over 4 years, and I have believed in my work every step of the way.
As of now, we have been fortunate enough to add 3 additional seamstresses who were in similar positions to the first; at an older age by Brazil’s standards, who needed help to support their families. These ladies all take the time to craft and sew each piece of clothing by hand, being sure to add care and detail along the way. Every piece made is unique, and is crafted from our own ideas, along with fashion and fitness trends that are actively changing.
I advertise with events along with our online store and Instagram, which can become quite a lot to do. It is not easy to manage alone, but it is OUR company because I believe that the woman that I work with are a part of everything, each step of the way, and because without their work and affection, Fancy Pants Fitness Wear would not have been able to happen. I believe in the love of work and persistence, and when we put those two things together along with belief in ourselves, we can go far.
There are many brands in competition, as sports fashion is very large. I have seen that in order to reach our goals, we have to be in the market with Amazon and companies like it.
Thank you so much for the opportunity to speak about the origins of our brand, we hope you have enjoyed learning about our humble beginnings, and watching as we grow day by day.